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Peterbilt Charge Air Cooler 0441314

OE Core Size37.25 x 30.00 x 1.63
ConnectionsInlet 4.00 & Outlet 4.00
NotesUse 0441279 if a core width of 33.34 is needed
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This product fits the following OEM numbers: 1085, 20070917141817, 20071012173528, 222243, BT1085, BTC1085, CA2243, CAC085, F3161011122340, F3161011132110, F3161011132110B, F3161011201330, F3161011202340, F3161011211360, F3161011211370, F3161011221340, F3161011221360, F3161011231330, F3161011231340, F3161011231350, F3161012531660, M0441314, N4098001, N4098002, N40988001, N7763001, N8786001, P8001, PB20H, PB20HMAX, PET17714, PET17714N, SCSI222243, W6925002, WSR1085, ZGSC022. Sku: 0441314