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Why TSM?

Did you know that Thermal Solutions Manufacturing is the oldest manufacturer of automotive heat exchangers in the US? Founded in 1915 by Charles Oppe and Frederick Garguilio, G & O Manufacturing was the primary source of aftermarket radiators for the Ford Model T. One year later in 1916 Arthur Modine patented the Spirex radiator for tractors and founded Modine Manufacturing. Fast forward 90 years to 2005 and we have the spinoff merger of the two oldest automotive heat exchanger manufactures in the country. In the end, the company that would later become TSM took the heavy-duty aftermarket line, while Modine took the heavy-duty OEM line. 

TSM may be the oldest manufacturer in the country, but it is also the best. While our competitors purchase from a list of dozens of random overseas manufacturers, we build our pta and all-metal line in two individual plants. This means that the TSM TruckTough® line is produced with maximum precision. Our TruckTough® line contains 10-30% more material than our competitors, and plated coolers vs concentric or round pipes. Its no wonder our return rate has now dipped below 1%! Our focus on quality means you will make considerably more money with our exchangers vs the other guys. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Why Big Truck Cooling?

  • Ordering has never been easier!
    With our integrated data exchange, our customers can cross parts, check inventory and place orders in seconds. No need to sit on hold for the next available agent and no need to take notes on pricing or availability. We make it easy on our customers to secure all the information they need with just the click of a button.
  • Best Bang for Your Buck
    Our direct-to-consumer approach means you get to skip the middleman. We may not be the cheapest radiator on the internet (we don’t aim to be), but we are absolutely the best deal. We offer a price match on all qualifying parts, so if you see a cross out there that’s selling for less, we will do our best to beat or match it. That being said, we can’t price match junk.
  • What about shipping?
    Our dedicated staff communicates in real time via our chat feature to give you transit times in just moments. And everyone’s favorite, returns We offer a hassle-free return process. Simply tie in the order number, snap us some photos (when possible) and tell us about the issue. We send the info off to our quality assurance team and often issue credits the same day.
  • Traditional
    Just because we’re on the web, it doesn’t mean we’ve killed our staff members. You can reach us M-F 8:00-5:00 CST @ (405) 546-4789. Sometimes there are situations that require real life human people to speak to each other. Besides, we’ve got great hold music.