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Kenworth Charge Air Cooler 0441217

OE Core Size25.03 x 27.28 x 2.21
ConnectionsInlet 4.00 & Outlet 4.00
Availability: Out of Stock
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This product fits the following OEM numbers: 1111, 17R900401, 1E2270, 1E3016, 1E3016G, 1E3387, 1E3519, 1E3519M, 1E3563, 222062, 374111A, 3B1006, BT1111, BTC1111, CA2062, CAC111, DHT11A, DHTKE11A, DURKEDAC11A, FLX010303, HDH010255, IE2270, IE3016, IE3016G, IE3387, IE3519, K09316, K09365, KEDAC11A, KEN16504, KEN16504N, KO9316, KO9365, KW11A, PC2911, SCSI222062, SRMKW11A, WSR1111. Sku: 0441217

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