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Freightliner Charge Air Cooler 0441337

OE Core Size27.50 x 14.00 x 2.37
ConnectionsInlet 3.50 & Outlet 3.50
NotesSimilar to 0441291 but different mounting
Availability: In Stock
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This product fits the following OEM numbers: 222245, 44011721, 44FR3C, 66111, 73803, 73807, 73814, 80296, 91642, 94041, 94042, B6711, B6719, B6733, B6740, BHT66111, BHT73803, BHT73807, BHT73814, BHT80296, BHT91642, BHT94041, BHT94042, BHTB6711, BHTB6719, BHTB6733, BHTB6740, BHTD2332, BHTD2334, BHTD2342, BHTD2346, BHTD2348, BHTD2350, BHTD3032, BHTD9435, BHTD9438, BHTD9442, BHTD9444, BHTD9451, BHTD9454, BHTD9457, BHTE2281, BHTE2284, BHTE2289, BHTE2638, BHTF2186, BHTF2515, BHTP5908001, BHTP5926001, BHTP5943001, D2332, D2334, D2342, D2346, D2348, D2350, D3032, D9435, D9438, D9442, D9444, D9451, D9454, D9457, DHT3C, DHTFR3C, DR3D, DURFRDAC3C, E2281, E2284, E2289, E2638, F2186, F2515, FL3D, FLX010236, FRDAC3C, FRT18131, FRT18131N, HDH010535, P5908001, P5926001, P5943001, SRMFR3C, ZGVC012. Sku: 0441337

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