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Freightliner Charge Air Cooler 0441290

OE Core Size26.25 x 27.25 x 2.00
ConnectionsInlet 3.50 & Outlet 3.50
NotesUse 0441152 if a core height of 25.19 is needed
Availability: In Stock
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This product fits the following OEM numbers: 222289, 44011738, BHTD6168, BHTD6169, BHTE2714, BHTE8272, BHTE8275, BHTE8286, BHTE8292, BHTF1837, BHTF2072, BHTF2075, BHTF2078, BHTF2081, BHTF2084, BHTF2087, BHTF2090, D6168, D6169, E2714, E8272, E8275, E8286, E8292, F1837, F2072, F2075, F2078, F2081, F2084, F2087, F2090, F6168, FL6A, FRT18136, FRT18136N, RHT080, ZGDC046. Sku: 0441290

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